5 Decorating Ideas To Beautify A Home With Floor Lamps

Sania K Shaikh
3 min readApr 12, 2022

Floor lamps have always been used for lighting rooms in homes. They have always been part of most homes and are extremely useful to have around. Since they are movable and have adjustable heights, they can be made to suit any space in the home. They may be used as a corner light, casting a glow from the corner, or as a reading lamp.

The first use of a floor lamp to beautify a home is to see which area of the home needs a small area of illumination. Corners are generally such areas. Overhead and wall lamps have fixed areas of illumination. The floor lamp illuminates small areas of the space where it is placed. Therefore use the floor lamp to light up a small area of any room. This looks great. Buy some excellent floor lamps in Dubai.

The second idea would be to use it as a source of illumination in dining areas. If the table is set for a buffet and guests, sit down and eat, place the lamps in a way that the faces of the guests do not have harsh light shining on them. Check out the floor lamps in Dubai.

The third idea would be to buy fashionable floor lamps and use them as a fashion statement. They come in ornate designs and fashionable shades, which add to the overall look. Place them in corners or next to sofas in the living room. Just make sure you don’t use too many overhead lights. Too much overhead light cancels the gentle floor lamplight. This fashion statement can be enhanced by the use of different kinds of lampshades. There are exquisite shades to be had, and using them cleverly to go with the rest of the decor, just enhances everything.

The fourth idea would be to use shades along with the lamps as fashion cum utility items. Buy decorative floor lamps which look beautiful and then use them for utility purposes. They can be moved, so there are no problems in using them anywhere as a reading lamp or as a lamp for work. The setup is fashionable and serves its purpose too. A great looking floor lamp with an exquisite shade is an ethereal combination. Coloured shades too should be used to cast a gentle coloured glow around the area where the lamp is placed. If carefully used, this combination really works wonders.

The fifth way is to use floor lamps at a level close to the floor ( they have adjustable heights). This brings a different ambience to the room. The light spread is controlled, and the area of illumination is small. Some shaded areas outside the illuminated area are a good way to create gentle lighting, which is easy on the eyes and the mind. Floor lamps can be used in various ways to change rooms’ moods. All you should do is move them around and use the effect you like. Check out the lighting stores in Dubai.